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Why Engel

Engel connect parts and components, we especially combine ideas and people

We not only connect parts and components, we especially combine ideas and people.

Our offer for industry & commerce

Schrauben Engel has everything in connectivity technology

Starting with a wide range of products for industrial and commercial customers to fuly integrated and customised logistics, we are always looking for synergies for our customers. These arise, for example, for our trade customers through the wide range of services that we provide to industrial customers. Our industrial customers in turn benefit from savings that we can pass on to through our international procurement of large quantities for trade, e.g. also in the direct container business.

These synergies are the pillars that create win-win situations.

Quality values - People & sustainability

Schrauben Engel is proud to be an independent, medium-sized, family owned company.

This is an important part of the solid foundation on which all our activities are built - because we do not seek short-term success, but think long term.

This means that we enter into the kind of relationship with our partners, that as reliable in good times as well as difficult ones. An open and honest approach is just as self-evident as the fact that we live sustainability in social and environment. The constantly increasing quality of our products is as only one of many aspects that directly and positively affects our customers reliability and sustainability.

This gives us the certainty that we can meet future challenges as courageously, consistently and confidently as our path has shown so far.

Facts und figures

  • 120 employees in Weingarten - of which 16 are trainees
  • High rack storage: 8.100 pallet bays
  • A full-liner with over 85,000 different connecting components of which 25,000 are currently on stock
  • Environmental Management
  • Turnover: 30 Millionen Euro in 2018

The story of Schrauben Engel - from 1949 to today


The foundation stone of Schrauben Engel was laid by Heinz Engel and Alois Brugger 1949 in the Scherzachstraße in Weingarten.

The focus of the company was already on the "sales of fasteners/connecting elements for screwing, nailing, riveting, gluing, welding and soldering, as well as tools".


Move to the first building in the Bechters industrial park with 25 employees.


Departure of Alois Brugger and conversion to Heinz Engel KG.


The first expansion to 2,500 m² through an addition.


Set up of a pallet high bay warehouse with 1,400 spaces in rented premises.


After the death of founder Heinz Engel, Gertrud Engel took over the management of the company.


Moving into the new building in the Welte industrial park, simultaneously introducing a customised EDP system.


50th anniversary of Schrauben Engel, at the same time opening of the building extension, added in 1998.


Mr. Holger Voss becomes further manager.


Two great events took place.

Ms. Engel celebrated her 20th anniversary as managing director.

At the end of 2005, the extension was completed.


Establishment of the joint distribution company ROENGEL S.R.L. in Giurgiu (Romania)

60th anniversary of Schrauben Engel


2010 Foundation of AS-System with our Sovenian partner Ales Seidl



2010 Foundation of the UVO-Trade GmbH for direct container business.


Transfer of all shares in business from Gertrud Engel
to her daughter Ulrike Engel-Voss


Ulrike Engel-Voss is single owner of the company
and CEO (together with her husband)

Completion new building AS-System

The office and warehouse building that was constructed in 2010 has now been expanded to an overall space of 3.000 square meters for the production of dowels and to increase the storage space.


Warehouse Management System – Launch

On the weekend of 2016-10-1 to 2016-10-3 our Warehouse Management System viad@t was successfully implemented by the company viastore. The WMS manages every process in logistics which when looked at more closely makes it a stock-administration system.

At the same time, the new quality management software CASQ-it by Böhme & Weis was also launched. With CASQ-it, a modular quality management system, we are able to oversee every aspect of our quality management, quality surveillance and quality securance from all angles. By interfacing with our ERP-system (central company software) the WMS and CASQ-it are “working” together.

The first weeks with the WMS in so called “real-time operation” were a huge challenge for everyone involved in the project. As expected, in the first days the WMS had one or the other, both little and big, surprises for us. Several processes required some readjustment and dealing with the new technology had to be learned and turned into a routine.

Without the outstanding commitment of our employees the successful launch of the WMS would not have been possible. We don’t take this dedication for granted and see it as proof of what a great team we have. 

Social involvement

„Engel connects“ – we do not only apply this company motto to our business!

For decades, we have been commited to charitable and cultural activities - for people, the environment and animals.

Both in individual projects, as well as by regular promotion of charities - not only as a company but also as individuals. For example every year we donate the proceeds from our Christmas raffle to children's homes.

We have been able to contribute to the support of the following organisations and bodies, among others:

IWO - Integrations-Werkstätten Oberschwaben

Zusammenarbeit mit IWO

Vorstellung Integrations-Werkstätten Oberschwaben ( IWO )


„Entschuldigung- wir benötigen aber eine ganz spezielle Verpackung!“

Diesen Satz hören wir immer öfter von unseren Kunden.
Ständig wachsende Kundenanforderungen erfordern  immer umfangreichere Verpackungslösungen.
Gewünscht werden individuelle Verpackungseinheiten unterschiedlicher oder gleicher
Verbindungselemente im Karton, Polybeutel oder auf einer ganzen Palette.
Auch spezielle Platzierung von Kunden-Etiketten auf dem Karton oder Polybeutel sind heutzutage Anforderungen unserer Kunden.

Um diesen Anforderungen gerecht zu werden, sind die Integrations-Werkstätten Oberschwaben
seit vielen Jahren unser zuverlässiger Partner bei individueller Montage und Verpackung
verschiedener Verbindungselemente.

Mit der IWO haben wir einen kompetenten Partner, der schnelle Lösungen und Reaktionszeiten anbietet. Wir schätzen außerdem sehr, dass über dem wirtschaftlichen Aspekt der Mensch im Mittelpunkt der Zusammenarbeit steht.

Die IWO ist ein gemeinnütziges Sozialunternehmen mit Hauptsitz in Weingarten.
(Landkreis Ravensburg )
Ziel dieser Einrichtung ist es, Menschen, die noch keinen Zugang zum allgemeinen
Arbeitsmarkt haben, Teilhabe an Bildung, Arbeit und Gesellschaft zu ermöglichen. Dazu gehören Personen mit einer geistigen und/oder körperlichen Behinderung,
aber z.B. auch langzeitarbeitslose Menschen.

Bei der IWO finden diese Menschen ein breites Angebot an Arbeits-, Qualifizierungs- und Fördermöglichkeiten.

Weitere Arbeitsfelder der Integrations-Werkstätten Oberschwaben sind:


  •   Elektromontage
  •   EDV-Büroservice
  •   EDV-Handel für Unternehmen
  •   Lager und Logistik
  •   Lieferservice "IWO bringt's zu Dir"
  •   Garten- und Landschaftspflege
  •   Jobcoaching
  •   Bildungsprogramme

 Wir freuen uns über eine weiterhin wachsende, gute und zuverlässige Zusammenarbeit.



Charitable and aid organisations


Animal protection

We are glad that we have always found ourselves in the situation of being able to produce positive results here. We have been able to provide support for a steady positive trend especially in the cooperation with the Arco Iris Foundation in Bolivia and their Friends of the Arco Iris Foundation for many years.

We have also provided financial and active support to the Doctors Without Borders and Engineers Without Borders such as the one shown here in bridge-building seminar in Kigali / Rwanda. 

The ENGEL group of companies

For market-strategic reasons, we joined together with two East European companies in Slovenia and Romania.

2010 Foundation of the AS-System with our Slovenian partner Ales Seidl

2009 Foundation of the company  ROENGEL with our Romanian partner. 

2010 Foundation of the UVO-Trade GmbH for direct container business.

ENGEL is now internationally active and also well positioned for the special requirements of high volume purchasers. And ultimately all customers benefit from the prurchasing conditions which result from the direct container business.

Quality management

In order to guarantee our customers in an ever increasing demands consistent quality, we use a comprehensive quality assurance and management system. This of course includes the continuous development of our measuring and testing equipment.

We currently have the following options available, among others:

Layer Thickness measurement and chemical analysis of protective coatings

with appropriate documentation by Fischerscope X-RAY XDL 230

Corrosion tests of materials and coatings

e.g. according to ISO 9227

Contour and dimensional inspection

with measuring microscope Hawk Duo - manually or with software support at 20- or 50-fold magnification

Testing of shape, dimensional accuracy and penetration depth of screw drives

of hexagon socket, hexalobular and Phillips drives according to ISO 10664, ISO 23429 und ISO 4757

Surface roughness inspection

for inspection of the most common surface profiles and roughness values with Miutoyo SJ-210

Examination of e.g. breakage or breakaway torques

with torque verfication key in the range up to 200Nm

Verification of UV-containing surface coatings

(e.g.  Gleitmo or Torque’N‘Tension)


  • Friction coefficient testing
  • Material testing
  • Testing and indentification of chemical compositions and
    mechanical properties
  • Runout testing

In addition, we offer our customers the following quality-relevant documentation and services:

  • IMDS material data sheets (International Material Data System)
  • Initial Sample Reports according to e.g. VDA or PPAP
  • test certificates, e.g. according to EN 10204
  • Technical support
  • drawing preparation
  • CAD data (CADENAS)

Our management systems for quality and environment are certified according to

  • Quality Management System DIN EN ISO 9001
  • Environmental management system  DIN EN ISO 14001

Our quality management grows with your requirements – Talk to us!

Real partners

Whatever needs these are in the area of connecting elements can be met trough our reliable partners.