Highest quality

For safe connections

Whether bridges, cranes, rolling gates, mobile homes, medical equipment: from space-consuming constructions to the smallest precision devices, high-quality fasteners guarantee safety, stability, functional and load-bearing capacity. Therefore we make high demands on ourselves, our suppliers and our products.


Our certified management systems for quality and environment

Certificate for the management system according to DIN EN ISO 9001 and DIN EN ISO 14001    â†’    Download pdf


Our measuring and testing facilities

Contour and dimensional inspection

Coating thickness measurement and chemical analysis of protective coatings

Surface roughness test

Detection of UV-containing surface coatings

Radial run-out test

Testing of fracture or breakaway torques


Other external possibilities

Materials testing

Determination of chemical compositions and mechanical properties

Coefficient of friction tests

Corrosion tests

Quality accompanying documentation and services

Initial sample test reports according to e.g. VDA or PPAP

Test certificates e.g. according to EN 10204

IMDS material data sheets


CAD data

Technical support


CE Marking


- automatic order initiation via RFID

- empty containers integrated in the shelf

- EDP connection

Special and drawing parts

- drawing-based fasteners

- what does not exist we let produce

- Cold and hot formed parts, precision and turned parts


- Quality management system DIN EN ISO 9001 

- Environmental management system DIN EN ISO 14001

- Our measuring and testing facilities