Special parts, drawing parts and other services

For ENGEL, combining ideas and people means to address the needs and desires of our customers and offer solutions. ENGEL is your specialist when it comes to special requests. We realise special and drawing parts in different designs and materials.

Our dedicated staff is available from development to delivery with their knowledge and experience. We define the manufacturing process according to your requirements and select a suitable manufacturer for you from our global portfolio of suppliers.

Cold formed parts

Cold formed parts for series with larger quantities are produced on modern multi-stage presses from all formable steels and non-ferrous metals in the strength classes you need.

Special cold formed parts

Individual cold formed parts

Hot formed parts

Hot formed parts are manufactured for series with small quantities and a high degree of deformation or parts with large diameters of steel, stainless steel as well as heat-resistant alloys.

Special hot formed parts

Individiual hot formed parts

Precision turned parts

Precision turned parts according to samples or drawings are produced in complex geometries in all machinable steel, Q & T steel, hardening or stainless steels as well as non-ferrous metals and plastics.

Precision turned parts

Special precision turned parts



Stamping parts, stampings and bent wire parts

Stampings & punched parts with simple or sophisticated contours are punched, stamped, pulled or bent from steel, spring steel, stainless steel and non-ferrous metals. Bent wire parts can also be realised in the most varied geometries.

Punching and bent parts

Stamping and bent wire parts

Retreatment and surface coating

All special and drawing parts can be supplied to suit your needs with additional heat treatment, mechanical reworking and a wide variety of surface finishes as well as adhesive and clamping screw locks.

Individual retreatment

Retreatment upon customer request 

Packaging and additional services

As an additional service, we offer individual packaging of your parts. These include captions, labels, custom packaging requirements and complete mounting bags for all industrial needs.

Our qualified staff assist you already in the development phase of your fastening solutions. This includes the preparation of drawings for your special parts. At your request, the parts to be delivered can be sorted according to your established criteria on respective machines.


Custom packaging of parts

We are here for you - just contact us!

Real partners

Whatever needs these are in the area of connecting elements can be met trough our reliable partners.