Highest quality

For safe connections

Whether bridges, cranes, rolling doors, mobile homes, medical equipment:

From expansive structures to the smallest precision devices, high-quality fasteners ensure safety, stability, functional and load-bearing capacity. That's why we set high standards for ourselves, our suppliers and our products.

Our measurement and testing capabilities

  • Contour and dimensional inspection
  • Coating thickness measurement and chemical analysis of protective coatings
  • Surface roughness testing
  • Detection of UV-containing surface coatings
  • Concentricity testing
  • Testing of breaking or breakaway moments

More external options

  • Materials testing
  • Determination of chemical compositions and mechanical properties
  • Friction value tests
  • Corrosion tests


Quality related documentation and services

  • Initial sample test reports e.g. according to VDA or PPAP
  • Test certificates e.g. according to EN 10204
  • IMDS material data sheets
  • Grades
  • CAD data
  • Technical support
  • Drawing creation
  • CE marking

Management systems for quality and environment

Our certificate for the management system according to DIN EN ISO 9001 and DIN EN ISO 14001

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