A full range for commerce and industry

Connecting elements are our passion: whether screws, nuts,
threaded rods or washers, pins, cotter keys, rivets, dowels, flanges,
bonding or other securing technologies ...
As a wholesaler and full-range supplier, we offer one of the market´s
broadest, yet also most in-depth product ranges for commerce and

We can procure anything that we do not have in stock. Worldwide!


Normal and standard parts

Full range for trade and industry

Our range includes both standardised and non-standardised fasteners in all dimensions and surfaces.

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Fits in any connection

Specialist for special and drawing parts

We'll do what we can't. We produce high-quality pressed, turned and milled parts exactly according to your requirements.

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Solutions for wood construction

For years, ENGEL has stood for the highest level of expertise in timber construction.

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Our E-JET® family

The ENGEL E-JET® wood screw is the proven and versatile solution when it comes to achieving fast and precise results.

The E-JET® product range


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Branded products

Quality for your needs

We offer you strong partners for the areas of dowels, anchors, clamps, adhesive technology, timber construction and threaded inserts.

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CAD models

Free data import

After a one-time free registration in our shop, we will provide you with 2D or 3D models of our standard articles as finished CAD models - in all common formats.

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