DIN- Norm- and Standard parts

  • Worldwide more than 120.000 articles available
  • Constantly more thans 20.000 articles in stock
  • Over 70 years of experience in procurement and and extensive network to suppliers in Germany/Europe  and Asia

Special and drawing parts

  • Drawing-based fasteners
  • What does not exist we let produce
  • Cold and hot formed parts, precision and turned parts


  • Automatic order initiation via RFID
  • Empty containers integrated in the shelf
  • EDP connection

Wood construction

  • E-JET
  • E-JET X
  • Kompetenz Holz

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UVO- Trade - direct container supply

  • Everything from one source - UVO-Trade takes over the complete handling, from the consultation, an inquiry up to the free house delivery
  • Worldwide DIN-, Norm- and Standard parts as well as Special- and Drawing parts can be procured
  • Ideal to minimize your procurement risks and costs


  • Quality management system DIN EN ISO 9001 
  • Environmental management system DIN EN ISO 14001
  • Our measuring and testing facilities

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