E-Scan ensures that your shelves are restocked quickly!


  • Fast and precise placement of orders

  • Clean and manageable storage in
    high-quality bins

  • Scanning and electronic data transfer
    makes work easier for your employees

E-Scan is a streamlined process for reducing your
costs and making work easier for your employees.
The ENGEL scanner system enables you to send us
orders easily and directly.

You scan the required items in your warehouse using
barcode labels and send your order via our web shop
and we deliver the goods you requested.

The storage area is tidy with up to 60 items per shelf,
it looks clean and manageable.


  • We receive a list of items from you with data
    on quantity and usage

  • ENGEL delivers the complete E-Scan system,
    including shelves, bins, barcode labels, scanner
    and software

  • After installing the software, you can scan the
    desired items immediately

  • You open the order in the ENGEL web portal, where
    you can make changes and order additional goods.

  • Your order is sent directly to us when you press the
    "order" button

  • The order confirmation is sent to you via email.

  • The goods are delivered immediately or in a
    previously defined rotation.

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