Mobile and flexible throughout the company with E-Mobile!


  • Defined responsibility for orders
  • Visualisation of ordering process
  • Works without RFID technology

With E-Mobile, you can scan empty bins no matter where or when with the hand scanner. This gives you
unlimited mobility in your company.

Orders are initiated under controlled circumstances by your authorised personnel.

The data is transmitted autonomously via GSM (mobile phone network) or WLAN.
Your system does not require any further modifications.

To the Engel Kanban team


Other C-parts solutions from Engel

Nothing to suit you? Then we will find a tailor-made-solution - just the right thing for any requirement!


- automatic order initiation via RFID

- empty containers integrated in the shelf

- EDP connection

Special and drawing parts

- drawing-based fasteners

- what does not exist we let produce

- Cold and hot formed parts, precision and turned parts


- Quality management system DIN EN ISO 9001 

- Environmental management system DIN EN ISO 14001

- Our measuring and testing facilities