E-Mat - parts management without manual steps!


  • Fast and easy conversion of two / multiple container systems to RFID
  • Contactless and invisible data capture
  • No possibility to tamper with the technology

Simply become faster and more efficient with E-Mat - without any other manual steps! E-Mat is identical to our E-Classic KANBAN System in manual processes. You place empty containers on your shelf with the E-Mat shelf mat.

RFID labels on the container are captured and read and a flat integrated antenna (protection class IP68 = dust-proof and waterproof) transmits the data. The order is successfully completed immediately.

We deliver the goods as ordered in new boxes before collecting the empty Containers as with our E-Box-system, all data is transmitted through the mobile phone Network (GSM)

The E-Mat part management system works completely independently - it requires not IT expenditure on your part!

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