E-Classic - classically simple

Your advantages

  • No needs assessment
  • Simplified ordering and logistics processes
  • Optimum supply reliability for C-parts

The two / multiple container KANBAN system from ENGEL is our classic for C-parts management! This simple and inexpensive classic KANBAN system has been successful for more than 25 years. You will realise the basic principles of lean management in your company with our E-Classic KANBAN system.

A minimum of two containers  are positioned one behind the other on an E-Classic KANBAN shelf. If the front container is empty, a member of your staff places it at the so-called "station" ready for collection.

The second container - that is still full - slides forward on the shelf and ensures a requirement-driven supply. The empty containers provided are collected by ENGEL at defined intervals. A delivery with replenished containers from the previous collection is made at the same time. Our full service includes the delivery of goods directly onto your shelf

This self-regulated cycle guarantees the continuous availability of the parts that you need without any administrative effort on your part.

Other C-parts solutions from Engel

Nothing to suit you? Then we will find a tailor-made solution - just the right thing for any requirement!

Real partners

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