• One transmission unit
  • Can be integrated into the production control system
  • Cost-effective RFID system

The E-Box from ENGEL works like a mailbox. You
remove the RFID label from the front of the empty bin
and insert it into the E-Box. A card slot with a stop
function ensures that the data is read correctly.

The order is initiated automatically and instantly. We
deliver a new, full bin equipped with a new RFID tag.
Thanks to flexible positioning, the ENGEL KANBAN
system can be integrated into existing production
control systems. The data is transmitted autonomously
via the mobile phone network (GSM) or WLAN.

Other C-parts solutions from Engel




(Radio frequency identification)

Innovative and modern solution. We offer you innovative and modern solutions for C-parts management with the ENGEL RFID KANBAN systems

RFID technology has already become established in a wide range of applications in trade and industry and is an indispensable part of many processes. Order data is transferred directly to ENGEL in real time through the chip (RFID tag) embedded in the label.

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