C-parts management made to order!

We have a perfect command of the logistic ABCs and provide tailor-made and requirement-driven solutions for the managment of C-parts.

Whether it's a classic multiple container KANBAN system, scanner solutions, innovative RFID technology or EDP connections - we are the right partner to have by your side.

Our C-parts management solutions - your advantages

We determine your focus as a matter of course. We offer you different KANBAN models within the scope of C-parts management.


  • Simplified ordering and logistics processes
  • Optimum supply reliability for C-parts
  • Your Needs assessment is no longer required



  • Delivery interval flexibility
  • Early detection of demand fluctuations
  • Use of innovative RFID technology



  • Fast transition to RFID
  • Contactless and invisible data capture
  • No possibility to tamper with the technology



  • Goods delivered in new containers
  • Option to integrate the system into
    subsequent processes
  • Adjust order quantities on-site



  • Fast and accurate triggering of orders
  • Clear and proper inventory management
  • Reduced burden on your staff


Special solutions

  • Reduced capital commitment
  • Simplified logistics processes
  • Reduced personnel expenditure
  • With a solution precisely tailored
    to your needs


The basic Kanban principles - important facts in a nutshell

What is Kanban?

The term Kanban originally comes from the Japanese language and means "card" or "sign"

The KANBAN system was a method developed by Toyota in 1947 for organising just-in-time production. The approach is based solely on the actual consumption of material at the point of supply and place of us.

The reasons for the neccessary changes in the production price were the relatively low productivity compared to the American competition at that time and the cost-intensive warehouse inventories.

KANBAN is easy to understand using the example of the "milk run" or the "milkman principle" of the English milkmen who worked with the System before it even found is way into industrial manufacturing.

Empty milk bottles on the door step are replaced in a fixed delivery cycle with the same amount of full bottles

On time, requirement-driven and cost efficient!

The method has undergone ongoing developments and improvements since those days.

The pull principle was developed with comprehensive future-oriented logistics concepts.

As your C-parts partner, ENGEL has been offering KANBAN systems for 2 years, which we are now tailoring more precisely to your individual requirements!

Many long-standing satisfied KANBAN customers know:

Engel can Kanban!

Advantages for your company

Your benefits - with Engel C-parts management

  • Reduction of error sources
  • Avoidance o roduction stoppages
  • Simplified inventory
  • Transparency and flexible control (web portal)
  • Order and clarity in inventory management
  • Statistics through our KANBAN WEB portal 
  • Manual data capture is no Longe required
  • Needs assessment is no longer required
  • Supply Chain optimisation
  • Reduction in the number of suppliers
  • Delivery interval flexibility
  • Avoidance of small warehouses
  • Reduction in capital commitment

It's so easy to get off to a successful start in C-parts management with Engel

1. Analysis of the current situation

The framework for Kanban management will be examined and
recorded on-site.
We focus on your existing logistics
and customer-specific requirements
and structures.

2. Discussion and development

Then our specialised staff work out ideas and suggestions on what an ideal C-parts system might look like. You can rely here on the experience we have gained in over 25 years of Kanban practice in different companies and industries.

3. Transition into practice

Once a tailor-made has been provided and the range of items to be managed has been determined, only the shelves have to be set up and they can start receiving the containers that are ready to use.


Of course, we are always on hand for our C-parts partners and always provide you with advice and assistance. This allows us to continuously optimise the system and connection in your company together with you and expand your success in the long term.


e-mail to your Kanban contact person

Real partners

Whatever needs these are in the area of connecting elements can be met trough our reliable partners.


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